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Our fast-paced world demands perfection. Why expect any less from the equipment you use? After 50 years, American Tower Company continues to set the standard for affordable and durable products.

Special Communication Towers  Rugged in Design & Low in Cost
Here's a tower that is high in quality yet low in price. Compare it with any tower on the market today! The Special Tower offers the same strong, die-formed triangular construction which has made all of our towers famous. The Special Tower Series is a 1-hole tower that comes in either 5 or 6 step.
For more information, download our Special Towers Brochure. For specifications and pictures, click on our part number listed below.

Special Series 5 Step Sections              
Special Series 6 Step Sections
S-1: 10' Mid                                                S-5: 10' Mid
S-2: 9' Top, 1 1/4 " Mast Tube                   S-7: 9' Top, 7/8" Mast Tube
S-3: 9' Top, 1 7/8" Mast Tube
S-4: 4' Top, 1 7/8" Mast Tube

1-Hole Bases & Plates for the 5 & 6 Step Special Series
F-2: 3' Base                                              F-4: 4' Tilt Base - Extra Heavy Duty  
F-2 TILT: 3' Tilt Base                               SRP-1: Hinged Ground & Roof Plate
RP-1: Ground & Roof Plate                      DIB: Drive-In Base

GCS Communication Towers  Heavy Duty & Rugged in Design
For perfect alignment and strength, GCS towers are die-formed 12" equilateral triangular construction. Experience and carefull engineering has produced a sturdy, trouble-free tower which will withstand high velocity winds without guy wires.
For more information, download our GCS Towers Brochure. Specifications and our part numbers are listed below.

GCS Series 5 Step 2 Hole Sections

GCS-1: 10' Mid (5 Step)                                             GF-2 TILT: 3' Tilt Base 
GT-2: 9' Top, 1 1/4 " Mast Tube                               GF-4: 4' Tilt Base -Extra Heavy Duty  
GT-3: 9' Top, 1 7/8" Mast Tube w/set screws          GRP-1: Ground & Roof Plate 
GT-4: 4' Top, 1 7/8" Mast Tube w/set screws          GSRP-1: Hinged Ground & Roof Plate 
GCS-1-X: 10' Mid Section - 1 1/4" X-Braced             GDIB: Drive-In Base
GF-2: 3' Base

Please note there is a 4 week lead time on GCS items!!

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